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I became interested in soccer at a very early age and combined with my love of mathematics it seemed an obvious progression for me to become an odds compiler with a bookmaker in the UK. 

Now I am a successful online bettor and I make money from the sportsbooks instead of working for them.


All sports, especially soccer, cricket, horse racing, snooker and NFL. But pretty much anything really.

Why Online Sportsbooks?

People, who love pitting their luck against certain odds, have always enjoyed betting on sporting events. It has, invariably, added to the excitement of being a spectator at these games. With the advent of online sports betting, you now stand a better chance of making greater wins, than you did when using the conventional methods of betting. Using online sportsbooks will tip the odds in your favor due to several factors.

Most online sportsbooks give you a bonus when you sign up on their sites. This way, you get to place more bets than you would otherwise do, if you went to the sports venue, or used a bookmaker. They also give you a wider range of sports events to bet on, at a single time. You can bet on both local and international sporting events, giving you a higher probability of winning.

Online sportsbooks also provide you with tools and tips on how you can increase the odds of winning your bets. They give you betting data, history, statistics, and other information that will enable you to make informed decisions when you place your bets. They also have community forums, where you can discuss strategies with other pundits, on how to get bigger wins.

Online sportsbooks accord you a convenient avenue for placing bets. Today, you no longer have make trips to the sporting venue, visit a bookmaker, or make a phone call in order to place your bets. You just need to log onto to the betting site, comfortably seated in your home, and place your bets. You also get to set your bets during any time of day, or night.

You can now relax in your home, turn on the television, and enter your bets as you watch your favorite games unfold on the screen, in the company of friends or family.


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